Finding Our Way: A (De)Constructive Labyrinth Experience


 In this alt.worship installment, the curators create a space for people to (de)construct Church. The experience is comprised of two discursive “moves” that invite participants to explore themselves as individuals and as participants in a system called “Church.” We will be taking as our silent conversation partner John Caputo, a philosopher who brings deconstruction to bear on religion, theology, and the church. Our MC for this event is Qohelet, the prophetic preacher in the book of Ecclesiastes. We invite you to join us through this labyrinth experience and to use this as you see fit for other liturgical contexts. This labyrinth experience functions like an art installation, where worshipers are free to move through the stations at their own pace and according to the movement of the Spirit.

This labryinth is both an illustration of theory at work within liturgical praxis, but it can also provide teachers with a tool for illustrating alternative worship. Welcome to the Dungeon!

Click the Prezi below to enter the Dungeon, our (de)constructive labyrinth space.

By Andy Smith, Matt Rich, Shelley Hasty Woodruff, and Jacob D. Myers
Andy Smith is Minister to Students and Families at Providence Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. Matt Rich is Staff Associate in Admissions at Columbia Theological Seminary. Shelley Hasty Woodruff is a doctoral student at Duke Divinity School. Jacob D. Myers is a doctoral candidate in Emory University's Graduate Division of Religion.