Matthew L. Potts

Preaching in the Subjunctive: Towards a Ritual Homiletics

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  Download PDF: Potts, Preaching in the Subjunctive Abstract This essay proposes a novel understanding of the Christian sermon through an engagement with contemporary theories of ritual and with traditional interpretations of the sacraments. After proposing that the sermon is an

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Music and the Generosity of God

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Download PDF: Liu, Music and the Generosity of God Abstract 4’33” by John Cage tacitly combines theory and practice to promote wide attention to music. Although theologically dismissed, the piece also provides an acoustical opening to recognize that all sounds

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Reflections on Intersections

Download PDF: Martin and Whitmore, Reflections on Intersections  Welcome to the third issue of Practical Matters. In this issue, we highlight Ethnography and Theology. In the “doing” of theology, a turn to ethnography is gaining momentum. Many scholars of religion who did

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Appreciative Interest in the Religious Lives of Young People

Download PDF: Thomas and Wright, Appreciative Interest in the Religious Lives of Young People In their study of youth and vocation, Dori Grinenko Baker and Joyce Ann Mercer notice a disturbing tendency among adults to view adolescence as an ever-expanding transitional

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