Johan Roeland and Katie Vlaardingerbroek

Where the Hippie, Hipster and Hallelujah Meet: Romanticist Culture in Contemporary Dutch Protestant Christianity

Download PDF: Roeland and Vlaardingerbroek, Hippie, Hipster and Hallelujah Abstract This article discusses ethnographic research conducted at a Dutch Christian festival in 2017: Graceland Festival. The festival showed a wide diversity of religious beliefs and backgrounds, ranging from more traditional evangelical

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Love, Risk, and the Journey Home

Download PDF: Cladis, Love, Risk, and the Journey Home Abstract “Love, Risk, and the Journey Home” is an essay that explores two topics at the same time: how I teach and what I teach in my course, “Love: The Concept

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Microaggressions as Violence

Students in a classroom

Download PDF: Hamilton, Microaggressions as Violence Abstract The most common critique levelled against the concept of microaggressions is that it involves a dangerous exaggeration, treating simple mistakes or miscommunications as acts of violence. I argue in this essay that microaggressions

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Practical Matters Conference: Practices of Vibrant Faith Communities

At the Practical Matters conference at Emory University in March 2018, the public plenary session featured inter-faith teachers, scholars, and activists to address three big questions: What are the practices of vibrant faith communities? What is the best way to

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