Peer Review Process

Our process for peer review is rigorous. Peer-review submissions should be of current interest, demonstrate familiarity with relevant literature on the subject, and be clearly and persuasively written. Submissions to Practical Matters intended for peer review, in both text and multimedia genres, are subjected to a thorough process designed to assure a high standard of excellence, as judged by researchers who have expert knowledge in pertinent fields.

Upon submission, scholarship proposed to Practical Matters is screened for conformation to the journal’s Submissions Guidelines. After determining that the submission’s format and content are appropriate for the journal, proposed scholarship is then reviewed by at least two reviewers selected by the editorial staff. This process is double-blind: names of reviewers will not be released to authors and reviewers will not know the identities of authors whose work they review.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the submission with respect to the journal’s guidelines. Factors to be considered include the work’s currency, engagement with the latest literature and debates in the respective field(s), conclusions, clarity of argument, writing and structure, accessibility to our journal audience, and overall presentation (including the use of audio-visual and web-based materials when available and pertinent). Practical Matters editors may forward questions from reviewers to authors for clarification.

After the double-blind review process has been completed, the editorial staff will use reviewers’ assessments to decide whether to accept, reject, or request revisions to a submission. If revisions are requested, authors may review shared comments; they have the option of re-submitting or withdrawing their submission from consideration. The Issue Editors will keep authors informed as to the status of their submissions throughout the process.

Peer Review Process

  1. Author submits work via online submission tool and indicates the project is intended for peer review on submission form.
  2. Submission is reviewed by Practical Matters  editorial staff for conformation to the journal’s guidelines.  Staff may decide to forward the submission to our peer reviewers, reject the submission, or request revisions from the author.  Author is notified of decision.
  3. Manuscripts and Media submissions are reviewed by at least two scholars.  Per recommendation of the reviewers, manuscripts may be accepted for publication with optional revisions, accepted for publication with required revisions, or rejected for publication.  Practical Matters will provide the author with a summary of reviewer comments in the event a piece is not accepted for publication.  Authors will receive comprehensive reviewer comments in the event their piece is accepted for publication.
  4. Upon acceptance for publication, Issue Editors work with authors to make needed revisions to the content and copy of the piece.  During this process, authors will be asked to provide copies of any applicable copyright permissions for items reproduced in their work, copies of all media files (if not already submitted), and a signed author contract that grants publication rights to Practical Matters.


Workflow for Peer Reviewed Articles

Peer Review flow chart