Coping with Loss of Homeland through Orthodox Christian Processions: Contemporary Practices among Setos, Karelians, and Skolt Sámi in Estonia and Finland

Download PDF: Kalkun Kupari Vuola Coping With Loss Abstract In this article, we focus on the coping, healing, and commemorative aspects of religious rituals, discussing three annual religious feasts that also have significance as expressions of ethnic culture. They are

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Ritual: Key Concepts In Religion

Book Cover Ritual Key Concepts

Download PDF: RV Lemons, Ritual By Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014. 171 pages. $24.65 Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern are anthropological research collaborators who have published over forty-five books and two-hundred research articles together. The

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From the Pulpit and the Pavement

Feet Standing on Pavement

The two issues on Worship, Ritual and Theory represent the first pass by this journal on ritual practices (particularly those labeled “worship”) as refracted through the methodological and theoretical lenses of multiple fields. Our first two articles, “What in God’s

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The Good Funeral: Death, Grief, and the Community of Care

Download PDF: RV Dennis The Good Funeral By Thomas G. Long and Thomas Lynch Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2013. 252 pages. $25.00. In their extraordinary collaborative effort to “redeem the funeral” from its “failed and falling ways” (28), acclaimed funeral

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Religion, Food, & Eating in North America

Download PDF: RV Krone Religion Food and Eating Edited By Benjamin E. Zeller, Marie W. Dallam, Reid L. Neilson, & Nora L. Rubel New York: Columbia University Press 2014. 336 pages. $35.00. Food is inextricable from religion. Despite this fact, relatively

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Preaching in the Subjunctive: Towards a Ritual Homiletics

light shining through trees

  Download PDF: Potts, Preaching in the Subjunctive Abstract This essay proposes a novel understanding of the Christian sermon through an engagement with contemporary theories of ritual and with traditional interpretations of the sacraments. After proposing that the sermon is an

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Religious Idealism: Serving Others in the Name of Faith

Photo of Students Riding Bikes

Download PDF: Occhpinti, Religious Idealism Abstract For some college students on spring break, cement floors and bowls of rice have taken the place of beaches and beer, becoming an opportunity to serve others in the name of religious faith. Although

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