Just Spirituality: How Faith Practices Fuel Social Action

Book Cover Just Spirituality

RV MacDonald, Just Spirituality By Mae Elise Cannon Downers Grove, IL, InterVarsity Press, 2013. 208 pages. $16.00 In Just Spirituality, Mae Elise Cannon examines the connection between reflective spiritual disciplines and activist movements for social change.  These two ways of

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Be Still and Know: God’s Presence in Silence

Download PDF: RV Grace, Be Still and Know By Norris J. Chumley Minneapolis:  Fortress Press, 2014.  156 pages.  $29.00. “If ever there was a need for peace, the time is now” (79). Simultaneous to the writing of this book, the author

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Woman Holding Sparkler

Download PDF: Bender, Hallucinations * Editors’ Note: This essay is part of the Roundtable on Ethnography and Religion. Are field methods good for every religious studies scholar? Robert Orsi argues that we all need to learn how to do fieldwork in

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