Practical Matters Conference: Practices of Vibrant Faith Communities

At the Practical Matters conference at Emory University in March 2018, the public plenary session featured inter-faith teachers, scholars, and activists to address three big questions: What are the practices of vibrant faith communities? What is the best way to sustain them? And how can we live into them and transform them? This conversation was moderated by Dr. Robert Franklin, Laney professor for Moral Leadership at Candler School of Theology. Practical Matters is proud to publish the video in full.

In this conversation, Pastor Brian McLaren emphasizes the need to be more inclusive in our common good story and offers a proposal of meta-practices that would bring about practical applications of the core values and traditions. Dr. Diana Butler Bass employs the metaphor of a sinking island to put forward a need for a more outward-looking attitude as a solution to find the core of gratitude in religious traditions. Finally, Dr. Abdullah Antepli recommends exploring differences in the faith traditions to understand the origins of their vibrancy.

By Abdullah Antepli, Diana Butler Bass, Brian McLaren, and Robert Franklin
Dr. Abdullah Antepli is the chief representative of Muslim Affairs at Duke University and their first Muslim Chaplain. Dr. Diana Butler Ross is an author, speaker, and independent scholar specializing in American Religion and Culture. Pastor Brian Mclaren is an author, speaker, activist, and public theologist who is also a passionate advocate of a new kind of Christianity: just, generous, and working with people of all faiths for the greater good. Dr. Robert Franklin is Laney Professor of Moral Leadership at Candler School of Theology and senior advisor to Emory President, Dr. Claire Sterk.