Dance and Embodied Knowledge in the Indian Context

Dancers at the Kuchipudi Dance Festival rehearsal

“Dance and Embodied Knowledge in the Indian Context” is a unique theory-practice undergraduate course at Emory University cross-listed between the Departments of Dance and Religion. The course, now having been taught four times, includes a lecture component on Indian aesthetics

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Observing the Church in the World

Catholic Service.

Download PDF: Ammermann, Observing the Church When I accepted a new position at Boston University in 2003, I was told that there was a place in the curriculum they would like me to fill. Since I was their new sociologist, they

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Woman Holding Sparkler

Download PDF: Bender, Hallucinations * Editors’ Note: This essay is part of the Roundtable on Ethnography and Religion. Are field methods good for every religious studies scholar? Robert Orsi argues that we all need to learn how to do fieldwork in

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Doing Religious Studies with Your Whole Body

Man Sitting In Church

Download PDF: Orsi, Doing Religious Studies   * Editors’ Note: This essay is part of the Roundtable on Ethnography and Religion. This method does not satisfy us. It is a priori. It does not derive its concepts from experience—or at least

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Prophets and Mystics: A Reflection on Teaching

Open hands with cross on one finger and three dots on another

Download PDF: Mahan, Prophets and Mystics Abstract Some confusions are more distressing than others. Those which impinge on my teaching rank among the more serious. Among these, one stands out from the rest. I have repeatedly noted but never made sense

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