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Issue 13: Love
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Issue 6: Engaging Religious Experience Browse   Issue
Issue 5: Violence and Peace Browse   Issue
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Practical Matters publishes content by scholars, practitioners, and teachers in five categories.

Feature Matters spotlights both peer review scholarship and scholarship solicited from major scholars in the field that is relevant to a pre-announced theme.

Analyzing Matters features scholarship, usually peer reviewed, on a wide range of topics related to religious practices and practical theology with the goal of fostering interdisciplinary dialogue between scholars in a variety of fields.

Practicing  Matters features personal reflections and essays by practitioners, religious leaders, teachers, and activists on their engagement with religious practices or practical theology.

Teaching Matters develops the work of introducing students to the study of religious practices and practical theology through essays on pedagogy, course development and design, and creative engagement outside the classroom.

Matters Under Review includes reviews of recent books, films, or conferences on the topic of religious practices or practical theology.

Peer Reviewed

Practical Matters publishes both peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed content.  Click here to browse only our peer reviewed pieces.