Redeeming Anthropology: A Theological Critique of a Modern Science

Download PDF: Paylor RV, Redeeming Anthropology Khaled FuraniOxford: Oxford University Press, 2019. 224 pages. $70.00. In a compelling critique of anthropology’s epistemological complicity with the secular project of modernity, Khaled Furani’s second monograph, Redeeming Anthropology: A Theological Critique of a

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Imitating Christ in Magwi: An Anthropological Theology

Download PDF: Klassen RV, Imitating Christ in Magwi Todd WhitmoreLondon: T&T Clark, 2019. 400 pages. $29.95. In 2006, Joel Robbins’ article “Anthropology and Theology: An Awkward Relationship?” argued that the newly emerging dialogue between anthropology and theology had transformative potential

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Servant of All: Status, Ambition, and the Way of Jesus

Book Cover for Servant of All

Download PDF: RV Carr, Servant of All By Craig C. Hill Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2016. 203 pages. $18.00 In Servant of All: Status, Ambition, and the Way of Jesus, Craig C. Hill examines how New Testament authors reasoned theologically about status-related

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Ritual: Key Concepts In Religion

Book Cover Ritual Key Concepts

Download PDF: RV Lemons, Ritual By Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014. 171 pages. $24.65 Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern are anthropological research collaborators who have published over forty-five books and two-hundred research articles together. The

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Birthing a Mother: The Surrogate Body and the Pregnant Self

Download PDF:  RV Birthing a Mother   By Elly Teman Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010. 361 pages. $21.95.   With an estimated one in ten couples suffering from infertility, the presence of assisted reproductive technologies has become a global phenomenon. Yet

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