Presences and Absences: Introduction to “Engaging Religious Experience: A Return to Ethnography and Theology”

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Download PDF: Kidd and Spurrier, Presences and Absences Introduction This Practical Matters issue 6 returns to themes that emerged in our Spring 2010 issue, which explored how an interdisciplinary conversation between theologians, anthropologists and scholars of religion contributes to the doing and creating of

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Her Preaching Body: Embodiment and the Female Preaching Body

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Download PDF: McCullough, Her Preaching Body Abstract This article reflects upon one ethnographic study of contemporary female preachers and the decisions they made about their bodies. The study itself focused upon the meaning preachers created from their embodied choices and

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Ethnography: A Gift to Theology and Ethics

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Download PDF: Fulkerson, Ethnography   I have already indicated in the forward what a huge fan I am of this book. By not only defending the theological and ethical ways in which ethnography can be deployed, but also providing compelling examples

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