From the Pulpit and the Pavement

Feet Standing on Pavement

The two issues on Worship, Ritual and Theory represent the first pass by this journal on ritual practices (particularly those labeled “worship”) as refracted through the methodological and theoretical lenses of multiple fields. Our first two articles, “What in God’s

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Sweating, Spitting, and Cursing: Intimations of the Sacred

pulpit shaped like giant fish

 Download PDF: McCray, Sweating Spitting Cursing Abstract Holiness does not always manifest itself in pristine ways. Sometimes profane vehicles open us to the holy. This essay explores three such occasions that surface in preaching. First, I consider the sweating preacher. Drawing

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“What in God’s Name is the Point?!”: Theorizing Ritual, Representation and Resistance in African American Religious Thought and Practice

Photo of Rev Sekou training young adults

Download PDF: McCormack, What in God’s Name is the Point Abstract This essay examines the relationship between worship and theory in African American religious thought and practice. It situates this inquiry within long-standing debates among black intellectuals concerning the contested relationships

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The Good Funeral: Death, Grief, and the Community of Care

Download PDF: RV Dennis The Good Funeral By Thomas G. Long and Thomas Lynch Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2013. 252 pages. $25.00. In their extraordinary collaborative effort to “redeem the funeral” from its “failed and falling ways” (28), acclaimed funeral

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Music and the Generosity of God

empty music staff

Download PDF: Liu, Music and the Generosity of God Abstract 4’33” by John Cage tacitly combines theory and practice to promote wide attention to music. Although theologically dismissed, the piece also provides an acoustical opening to recognize that all sounds

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