2013 Symposium on Ecclesiology and Ethnography Europe: Doctrine and the Practice of the Church

 10-12 September 2013

St. John’s College

Durham University
Durham, UK

It has been common to talk about theologies of the Church as being either ‘from above’ or ‘from below’. From above refers to a formal doctrinal discussion of the Church while from below implies an empirically or historically based ecclesiology. This kind of distinction between different kinds of theological method is increasingly coming into question as doctrinal approaches are seen as being located in lived ecclesial traditions and history and experience is read as an arena for the performance of doctrine. The 2013 UK Symposium on Doctrine and the Practice of the Church seeks proposal for papers that explore the dynamic relationship between the theological and the lived and historical in ecclesiology.

This symposium is part of the Ecclesiology and Ethnography network, which seeks to draw together scholars working with theologically orientated approaches to qualitative research on the Christian Church. We encourage single and multi-authored papers. All papers are to be circulated prior to the event to enhance conference conversations and interaction. Established scholars, doctoral students as well as pastor/scholars working in church settings are welcome to propose papers. Proposals due: May 1. Abstract and title (no more than 500 words), along with contact information should be sent to Prof. Peter Ward (peter.ward@kcl.ac.uk).

Please Note: This year the conference will cost approx £130 (This includes accommodation and all meals).