Aaron Joshua Howard

Beyond Belief: Ethnography, the Supernatural and Hegemonic Discourse

Ephemeral woman in water and sunlight

Download PDF: Howard, Beyond Belief Abstract Cultural anthropologists often disagree on the ethnographic method that researchers are supposed to employ. Ethnographers are caught between contravening methodologies that either entirely immerse the researcher within the culture being studied, leading to limited objectivity,

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Reflexive Theology: A Preliminary Proposal

Two Hands Reaching Out To One Another

Download PDF: Wigg-Stevenson, Reflexive Theology Abstract The ethnographic theologian’s subject position in relation to the Christian communities she studies is fundamentally different from that of an anthropologist or sociologist in relation to his fields of study. Therefore, social science understandings of

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Her Preaching Body: Embodiment and the Female Preaching Body

Woman Standing with Arms Outstretched in Nature.

Download PDF: McCullough, Her Preaching Body  Abstract This article reflects upon one ethnographic study of contemporary female preachers and the decisions they made about their bodies. The study itself focused upon the meaning preachers created from their embodied choices and the

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Dance and Embodied Knowledge in the Indian Context

Dancers at the Kuchipudi Dance Festival rehearsal

“Dance and Embodied Knowledge in the Indian Context” is a unique theory-practice undergraduate course at Emory University cross-listed between the Departments of Dance and Religion. The course, now having been taught four times, includes a lecture component on Indian aesthetics

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Observing the Church in the World

Catholic Service.

Download PDF: Ammermann, Observing the Church When I accepted a new position at Boston University in 2003, I was told that there was a place in the curriculum they would like me to fill. Since I was their new sociologist, they

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Roundtable on “Ethnography as Christian Theology and Ethics”: Beyond “Use” of Social Science in Theology

Download PDF: Scharen and Vigen, Roundtable on Ethnography Conveners: Christian A. Scharen, Luther Seminary and Aana Marie Vigen, Loyola University Chicago Emily Reimer-Barry, University of San Diego, link Mary McClintock Fulkerson, Duke Divinity School, link Ted A. Smith, Candler School of Theology, link Christian

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Writing “the Truth”

Download PDF: Jordan, Writing The Truth * Editors’ Note: This essay is part of the Roundtable on Ethnography and Religion. Robert Orsi makes the proposal—at once extravagant and astute—that all graduate students of religion be required to enter into “a season

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Ethnography of the Hard Edge

Edge of a Sand Dune

Download PDF: Seeman, Ethnography of the Hard Edge   Editors’ Note: This essay is part of the Roundtable on Ethnography and Religion. Robert Orsi has me thinking about the hard edges of things. What ethnographer has never felt the uncompromising urgency

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The Right to a Nonprojected Future

Silhouette of Photographer filled in with images and buildings.

Download PDF: Biehl, Nonprojected Future There is a wonderful invitational quality to Christian Scharen and Aana Marie Vigen’s Ethnography as Christian Theology and Ethics. I admire the tone and the kinds of conversations that the book has unleashed and that are so

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