Richard W. Voelz

Just See What Happens

Scrabble Board

In summer 2006, I participated in the month-long Youth Theological Initiative’s Summer Academy (YTI) at Emory University. For the first time in my life, I came into contact with adults who believed I was capable of and interested in theological

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In Search of Community: A Tell of Two Travelers

Two college age women sitting on a car hood, talking and looking at the sky.

Download PDF: Morris, In Search of Community Abstract Outside the familiar walls of churches, we young people often struggle to express our faith in relationships with peers. Even with my fellow Presbyterian college roommate, I struggle to articulate my faith; we

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Complicated Identities: Multiculturalism and Dubai Youth

Girl looking out over hazy city

Download PDF: Schedneck, Complicated Identities It’s an amazing country. The guy who bakes your bread there is Iranian, the person running the restaurant is Indian, and the carpenter’s Punjabi. The man who irons your clothes is from Madras, the taxi driver’s

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Prophets and Mystics: A Reflection on Teaching

Open hands with cross on one finger and three dots on another

Download PDF: Mahan, Prophets and Mystics Abstract Some confusions are more distressing than others. Those which impinge on my teaching rank among the more serious. Among these, one stands out from the rest. I have repeatedly noted but never made sense

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Religious Idealism: Serving Others in the Name of Faith

Photo of Students Riding Bikes

Download PDF: Occhpinti, Religious Idealism Abstract For some college students on spring break, cement floors and bowls of rice have taken the place of beaches and beer, becoming an opportunity to serve others in the name of religious faith. Although secular

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Communal Discernment: Knowing God Together

Hands raised in front of a sign proclaiming community

Download PDF: Eklund, Communal Discernment ABSTRACT A key part of Christian ministry to youth is nurturing discernment, that is, learning how to discern God’s will. I assume in this essay that discernment is less about making good decisions per se and more about

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Women Remaking American Judaism

Download PDF: Prell, Women Remaking American Judaism_Prell_Imhoff–JS–Finalized–7-2-09 By Riv-Ellen Prell (Editor) Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2007.  352 pages.  $25.95. No serious observer could deny the influence of gender on religion in contemporary America.  But many scholarly treatments of women continue to

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Women’s Lives, Women’s Rituals in Hindu Tradition

Download PDF: Pintchman, Womens Lives Womens Rituals Edited by Tracy Pintchman New York: Oxford University Press, 2007. 224 pages. $50.00. The collection of essays in the edited volume Women’s Lives, Women’s Rituals in the Hindu Tradition explores the ways in which Hindu women’s ritual

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Visions of Ezekiel: A Documentary Film

Photo of Torah Ark by Siona Benjamin

About the Film This twelve-minute documentary examines how the practice of the visual arts can involve the religious identities of young people. In this film, created for Practical Matters by independent documentary filmmaker Sonia Narang, an Indian Jewish visual artist works

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