Invisible Users: Youth in the Internet Cafés of Urban Ghana

Download PDF: White, Invisible Users By Jenna Burrell Cambridge and London: The MIT Press, 2012. 248 pages. $30.00. Invisible Users: Youth in the Internet Cafés of Urban Ghana is ethnographer Jenna Burrell’s contribution to the Acting with Technology series published by MIT

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“Intensity and Sustainability” Consultation on Youth in Religious Practice, October 12-14, 2008 at Candler School of Theology, Emory University

Download PDF: Bischoff, Intensity and Sustainability Organized and sponsored by the Concentration in Religious Practices and Practical Theology. Held in conjunction with the Candler School of Theology Fall Conference, “Re-envisioning Leadership for a Hope-filled Future.” Candler School of Theology, Emory University

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Just See What Happens

Scrabble Board

In summer 2006, I participated in the month-long Youth Theological Initiative’s Summer Academy (YTI) at Emory University. For the first time in my life, I came into contact with adults who believed I was capable of and interested in theological

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In Search of Community: A Tell of Two Travelers

Two college age women sitting on a car hood, talking and looking at the sky.

Download PDF: Morris, In Search of Community Abstract Outside the familiar walls of churches, we young people often struggle to express our faith in relationships with peers. Even with my fellow Presbyterian college roommate, I struggle to articulate my faith; we

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Prophets and Mystics: A Reflection on Teaching

Open hands with cross on one finger and three dots on another

Download PDF: Mahan, Prophets and Mystics Abstract Some confusions are more distressing than others. Those which impinge on my teaching rank among the more serious. Among these, one stands out from the rest. I have repeatedly noted but never made sense

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Religious Idealism: Serving Others in the Name of Faith

Photo of Students Riding Bikes

Download PDF: Occhpinti, Religious Idealism Abstract For some college students on spring break, cement floors and bowls of rice have taken the place of beaches and beer, becoming an opportunity to serve others in the name of religious faith. Although

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Communal Discernment: Knowing God Together

Hands raised in front of a sign proclaiming community

Download PDF: Eklund, Communal Discernment ABSTRACT A key part of Christian ministry to youth is nurturing discernment, that is, learning how to discern God’s will. I assume in this essay that discernment is less about making good decisions per se

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Appreciative Interest in the Religious Lives of Young People

Download PDF: Thomas and Wright, Appreciative Interest in the Religious Lives of Young People In their study of youth and vocation, Dori Grinenko Baker and Joyce Ann Mercer notice a disturbing tendency among adults to view adolescence as an ever-expanding transitional

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