Bestowing Meaning: A Reflection on Theology and Ethnography

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Download PDF: McBride, Bestowing Meaning In my work thus far, I have explored the relationship between theology and ethnography intuitively, rather than following a formal methodology. Therefore, I would like to contribute to the conversation in this journal simply by sharing

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Ethnography as a Pastoral Practice: An Introduction

Download PDF: RV McDonald, Ethnography as a Pastoral Practice By Mary Clark Moschella Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press, 2008. 270 pages. $19.80. Designed to complement a ten-week long semester course on “pastoral research” in either a master of divinity program or doctorate

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A Trip to the Spring: A Documentary Film

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Download PDF: Mote, Trip to the Spring Since 1830, families have gathered almost every year at Shingleroof Campground in Henry County, Georgia to keep camp meeting together. Shingleroof, like other extant camp meetings across the US, is the offspring of the

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Reflections on Intersections

Download PDF: Martin and Whitmore, Reflections on Intersections  Welcome to the third issue of Practical Matters. In this issue, we highlight Ethnography and Theology. In the “doing” of theology, a turn to ethnography is gaining momentum. Many scholars of religion who did

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Religious Idealism: Serving Others in the Name of Faith

Photo of Students Riding Bikes

Download PDF: Occhpinti, Religious Idealism Abstract For some college students on spring break, cement floors and bowls of rice have taken the place of beaches and beer, becoming an opportunity to serve others in the name of religious faith. Although

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Places of Redemption: Theology for a Worldly Church

Download PDF: RV Long, Places of Redemption   By Mary McClintock Fulkerson New York:  Oxford University Press, 2007.  257 pages. $38.95. In July 1988, ten people, the remnant of a dying white congregation languishing in a racially transitional neighborhood near Durham,

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